This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.
Ce projet est finance en partie par le gouvernement du Canada

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As well-reported and widespread in the community, [O Canada] is a series of celebration activities for Canada's 150th birthday lasting from June to November of this year. It is organized and sponsored by Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian organizations and Dreamland Performing Arts Centre.

To celebrate together with the rest of the country, [O Canada] will launch one of its series entitled as "One Thousand People Flash Celebrate" which will be held on July 8 in North York Civic Centre Mel Lastman Square. This outdoor celebration activity is the largest of its kind, is designed to involve as many people as possible from the Canadian Chinese communities, and to perform in the most traditional Chinese folk arts style to express our passion and love for the country which we also call as new immigrants’ homeland.

[O Canada] 欢庆加拿大建国150周年华社在行动 - 相关报道

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The categories of the performances will include: 100 people Taiji, 100 people square dance, 100 people waist drum dance, 100 people Cheongsam show, and 100 young people shuffle dance, with the whole scene being highlighted by the opening of close to 400 people choral of "O Canada" and the finale show of lion and dragon dancing.

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Your experience of the spectacular outdoor celebration will be phenomenal and enjoyable. You are warmly invited to join us in the celebration!

【O Canada】-  One Thousand People Flash Celebrate